What It’s Like To Be… Luke’s Executive Assistant

 Rebecca McNeilly aka Donna from Suits


A typical day:

I’m based in our Sydney head office – we have an amazing bunch of people here that I get to work with and chat to each day.

Mornings are to catch up on all the “see me” emails I get from Luke overnight with a coffee in hand 😊

If Luke is in the head office it’s a daily catch up with him as well as Daniel, Head of Operations, which sets the agenda for the rest of the day.

I’ve never had a routine here work wise as no two days are the same and that’s what I love about this job.

Come the afternoon I might be doing anything from booking flights for Luke, chefs or setting meetings for the next day, proof reading menus and marketing content.


What you love about your job?

I love that no two days are ever the same, we work hard and play hard.

This job has given me the opportunity to travel, eat at amazing restaurants, hop on cruise ships and meet some truly amazing people (a particular highlight being Anthony Bourdain… just saying!)

I like to feel that working for Luke is a job that anyone is lucky to have, so I don’t really ever take it for granted. We aren’t your average corporate 9 to 5pm set up and it’s so refreshing.

I consider Luke to be a pretty great person to work for!



Well… The boss does like to change things often 😊 But that’s what keeps me on my toes!

Things people may not know about your job?

That Luke didn’t initially pick me for the job (I won’t let him forget that either 😊) – but I knew that it was meant to be mine ha! 7 years later who would have thought!


Your responsibilities:

It’s pretty mixed from day to day for me. My main priority is my work for Luke and ensuring the office staff are looked after. I want our office staff to enjoy coming to work and if that means we stop work for a round of table tennis or get out to the park to train together than that’s the way it will always be here.

I try to assist anyway I can – from helping with the staff/chefs travel to assisting the marketing team with proofing and content.

I love all the people I get to interact with. From head chefs to office staff, cleaners and couriers (apart from one odd fruit and veg delivery guy) - they all really make this job for me!