Virgin Australia

A Luke Mangan & Company Partner

Luke and his team don’t unnecessarily push their own image. They place their partner’s needs in front of their own.
— Virgin Australia

The Relationship Between My Team and Virgin Australia

The relationship between my team and Virgin Australia has, without doubt, been the key ingredient to our partnership’s success. Over the past five years, my vision with Virgin Australia has been to create a fresh, enticing restaurant experience in the sky and on the ground for our Virgin Australia Business Class passengers. Since having been fortunate enough to have Sir Richard Branson approach me in 2003, I have worked closely in collaboration with the Virgin Australia team to create unexpected and memorable food and beverage experiences for our customers.


Paddock to Plane - Virgin Australia Business Class

Did you know we lose about 30% of our taste sensations at high altitude? So, taking this into consideration, our meal development is all about perfection and that’s what we continually strive to achieve. Following the same process as with any of our restaurants, we work with top local Australian producers and suppliers – who share the same values and ethos as ourselves and our partners, to ensure we have access to the finest seasonal ingredients.

Our meals are prepared and personally crafted in our Virgin Australia Test Kitchen with a focus on seasonality and destination while closely listening to customer feedback and requests.



Through our relationships with leading industry professionals, as well as up-and-coming talents in their field, we are able to provide our Virgin Australia Cabin Crew and Service Teams with food & beverage knowledge, training and development. Our team is involved in every aspect of the food & beverage training process across the entire Business Class Cabin Crew Fleet. This involvement can be as simple as reviewing and refining food & beverage training documentation right through to interactive and hands on Cabin Crew class training, with a main goal of creating refreshingly different experiences for our guests.