Why You Need a Ping Pong Table at Work

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We recently decided to get a ping pong table for our Headquarters in Sydney and it’s been the best thing!

You hear about companies like Facebook and Snapchat having games like PlayStation and Foosball in their offices, and I use to think, ‘how do these guys get any work done??’

You’d think having a table tennis in your office would be a distraction but after seeing it in action, it’s quite the opposite.

Now I know why people rave about start-ups and these Silicon Valley companies having such good work cultures.

While we’re no Google, we certainly don’t have a traditional work place here at LMHQ. We have an open plan office that looks out onto MOJO’s bar, the Virgin Test Kitchen and LMH Providore.

We’re pretty relaxed here and thought a ping pong table would be a great addition to our unconventional warehouse office.



Sitting down at your desk all day can be tough on your back and staring at your computer screen can be draining, so we encourage our staff to get up, stretch their legs and get the blood flowing again by playing a friendly game of table tennis with each other.

And they love it! Whether it’s quick game in the afternoon for 15 minutes or a doubles battle on a Friday afternoon at work drinks – it’s been good fun so far.

The team get a chance to bond with each other and blow off some steam over a competition. We’ve actually had some great ideas for the company bounced off each other during some games.

It also breaks the boundaries between those in senior and junior positions. You may be the boss in the office but that doesn’t mean you’re the king of ping pong... As some in the team have taught me.

It’s been great to hear from some staff that they’ve got more energy and are more productive after a quick game, especially in the afternoons. We all know too well that sluggish feeling that lurks around at about 3pm...



It’s a great mind workout too and puts your hand-eye coordination, attention and agility skills to the test.

While some had played before, others hadn’t, and after a few weeks of practice, they picked up a new skill, giving them confidence that they can achieve anything they put their mind to in and outside the office.

In fact, it’s been a great exercise for all of us and has added an extra healthy and positive touch to our workplace culture.

So, if you’ve been umming and ahhing over a ping pong table at work or never thought about it before, don’t think twice about it – get one! you won’t regret it.

Even if you have to bring it up with your boss... it’s worth it.