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Chicken Confidential

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Terminal 1,
Sydney International Airport
Mascot NSW 2020

Opening Hours

Mon - Sun: 6am - 10pm




Fancy yourself as a bit of a chicken magnet? We like our thighs thick, our fries fresh and our chicken crispy.

Chicken Confidential maybe the new kid on the burger block but sitting as part of Australian Restauranteur Luke Mangan’s pool of global restaurants, we take pride in ensuring that our quality is never compromised. We focus on our taste and texture being superior, the meat being lean and taste is just utterly succulent. Cluck yeah.

From a Korean touch of Gangnam style, to a solid Southern-fried Yes Ma’am to some cheeky Hot Chick Roll… we are serious about chicken and believe the only beef you ever want to have with anyone ought to be organic and grilled to perfection in a burger.

Our birds are better.

Staying true to our ethos of ensuring top quality produce is used and exciting flavour combinations are created, Chicken Confidential specifically partnered with Inglewood Organic Chicken to create our delicious range of burgers and wraps. Chemical and antibiotic free, our chickens are grown free from chemical pesticides, herbicides and are GMO free. They are not treated with antibiotics, hormones or medications – so you can feel confident that you are receiving clean, safe and Certified Organic food – with a tasty kick!


Main Menu

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All Day Breakfast Menu

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