Crab Omelette with Enoki Mushroom, Herb Salad, Miso and Mustard Broth


Serves 1



3 eggs, whisked

1 Tbsp crab meat picked

1 ladle miso broth

2 basil leaves

6 pieces chilli julienne

5 coriander leaves

4 mint leaves

Enoki mushrooms

Crisp eschallot

Toasted sesame seeds 

For the fish sauce dressing

2 parts eschallot oil

1 part lime juice

½ parts fish sauce and extra virgin olive oil

For the Miso broth

2 L water

3 Tbsp dashi

2 Tbsp miso

1 ½ Tbsp Dijon mustard

1 Tbsp Sherry vinegar


Pour eggs in pan on medium heat.

Warm the crab meat, place in the middle of the omelette, and fold.

Dress with miso broth, place the salad on top (dressed with fish sauce dressing) finish with extra virgin olive oil

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